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A simple way to create git repository on a server machine connecting via ssh

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Let’s assume following situation:

  • We have a folder ˜/workshop , that contains the project on a local machine
  • Our project folder workshop is not a git repository yet
  • We want to have a server that hosts the workshop project and new developer can get the repository using a ‘git clone …’ command
  • On server site, the new repository should be located unter ˜/gitrepos/workshop.git.

To simplify the following steps i will use the machine localhost as the server machine.

Create a working copy repository

First, create a new local git repository and add all files within this folder.

cd ˜/workshop
git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial repository creation"

Create the bare repository

Then we have to create a bare repository on the server side. Let’s assume the user ralfwehner is the repository admin user on server side. For this step i will show two alternative ways:
a) We clone the server’s repositiory on the client machine and copy it via scp up to the server:

git clone --bare .git ../workshop.git
scp -r ../workshop.git ralfwehner@localhost:/Users/ralfwehner/gitrepos/workspace.git

b) We create a new empty repository on the server side and copy the developer’s repository from client machine to server (recommended when using difference git versions on server and clients):
So, first create the bare repository on server side:

sudo -u ralfwehner mkdir -m 770 /Users/ralfwehner/gitrepos/workshop.git
cd /Users/ralfwehner/gitrepos/workshop.git
sudo -u ralfwehner git --bare init --shared=group

From client side the developer’s project must be pushed into the new bare server repository:

git remote add origin ssh://ralfwehner@dev-server/Users/ralfwehner/gitrepos/workshop.git
git push origin master

That’s it. The project ‘workshop’ is now available on the server and can be cloned using the git clone command. E.g.:

cd /tmp/
git clone ralfwehner@localhost:/Users/ralfwehner/gitrepos/workshop.git myclonedworkshop

Synconize local and server repositories

Push developers repository to server

To synchronize the changes checked in into the local developer’s project to the server repository:

git push

Pull or merge the server repository into developer’s one

This command synchronizes the server’s repository to the local developer’s one. By this step changes made from other developers that pushed their stuff up to the server will be merged into the local repository.

git pull . remotes/origin/master

Checkout a project from server

In git terminology the checkout of a projekt can be understood as a clone of a git repository from a server to the developer’s local machine. You can do this simply by:

mkdir myNewWorkspace && cd myNewWorkspace
git clone ssh://localhost/Users/ralfwehner/gitrepos/workshop.git

The new created project can be pushed and pulled with:

cd workshop
... do you changes...
git push
... merge changes made from other users...
git pull

Heads up for Mac OS X users as i’m, too

There is a problem using the ssh commands to connecto to the git server which can end in error messages like: ‘bash: git-upload-pack: command not found’ on some machines. I’ve found this article that describe the problem and the solution more precisely.

For short, the solution is to create the symbolic link .bashrc to the .profile file:

server$ cd ~
server$ ln -s .profile .bashrc

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